chicken sausage, pasta, and spinach skillet

I was looking for a simple weeknight meal that would make use of the chicken Andouille sausage I had in the fridge. I found this recipe, which called for broccoli rabe and penne pasta.

pasta and sausageThat’s not exactly what I did. Broccoli rabe is hard to find in these parts and although I could have used regular broccoli I had spinach in the freezer and so used that instead. I had penne pasta in the pantry, which the recipe specified, but penne is boring and I had it at lunch that day anyway. I used rotini which is more fun.

The recipe said to use Romano cheese, which I did. But I put it on the table in the rotary grater so we could add it on top of the sausage, rotini, and spinach mixture after it was served.

It was a really decent weeknight meal.

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