reducing clutter

baking pansWhen we were in Gilroy I did a lot of baking using the convection oven I loved so much. That included hamburger and hot dogs buns, as well as the occasional shortcake. So I had pans for all of those, which we stored in our vertical cabinet along with our sheet pans and cutting boards.

When we moved here to Hemet I put them all in a similar vertical cabinet in our new kitchen. The fit was tight, and I often struggled with the cutting board and the large sheet pan. The thing is, I haven’t baked since we’ve been here. It was only recently that it occurred to me that the hamburger, hot dog, and shortcake pans did not have to stay there. They could go into a cabinet in the garage.

Much simpler and easier. It amazes me how often the obvious eludes me for so long.

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