random thoughts

Good, bad, and grateful. Some random thoughts.

  • KTLA logoThe sale of Tribune Media to Sinclair Broadcasting has been called off. Tribune pulled out of the deal. This is a Good Thing. Sinclair is an evil, right-wing company that makes local station news anchors read their far-right commentaries on the air. Our own local Channel 5, KTLA, is part of Tribune. They do a great job with local news and Terry and I watch the KTLA Morning News every weekday morning. I was dreading the thought of KTLA becoming part of Sinclair. That won’t happen. Very good news. (And, by the way, the Los Angeles Times is doing a quality job under its new local ownership.)
  • Two very large fires in the region were both deliberately set by wackos. How sad and depressing is that.
  • We lost one of our strongest members at Menifee Toastmasters. Christina was a relatively new member, but she brought some great leadership skills to the group. When we needed a Sargent-at-Arms she stepped up. When we needed a treasurer she stepped up again. She is moving to Orange County. We will miss her.
  • I turn 65 today. I was going to write about that, but I don’t have a lot to say. I am grateful to now be eligible for Medicare and see a big reduction in my insurance premiums. Especially since I am dealing with a serious but manageable medical issue. I’m not ready to write about that now. Perhaps at some point.

In the words of the great Linda Ellerbee, “And so it goes.”

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