easy fried shrimp

Terry and I saw this recipe for easy fried shrimp and tartar sauce on our favorite Food Network program, The Kitchen. Terry was very keen to make it, so she did on a recent Saturday. At least she made the shrimp part. Terry doesn’t like the tartar sauce and the idea of making one’s own tartar sauce seemed kind of pointless to me. Store bought tartar sauce is tried & true, and you know exactly what to expect.

easy fried shrimpThe batter calls for white rice flour and beer. This was really tasty and light. We both loved it. It could have used a little more kick, however and next time Terry will add Cajun seasoning.

If you cook this on the stove top make sure to turn on the exhaust fan. If you cook it in a free-standing fryer be sure to put it near the stove and turn on the exhaust fan, as we didn’t. The smell will linger, as we discovered.

Terry served the shrimp with a Mexican rice mix. It was an ideal Saturday night dinner.

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