just water

I used to be a big iced tea fanatic. Between the two of us Terry and I would go through a gallon a day. No longer.

ice water glassSome months back my doctor noticed that some of my bloodwork numbers were outside the normal range. That started an investigation. At one point it appeared that the issue was kidney-related. Eventually it turned out that the problem was elsewhere.

In the meantime, however, I cut way back on iced tea. When I am working at the computer or reading or watching television I drink ice water. I drink iced tea at home for dinner or when I’m eating out. In fact, not even that. Our iced tea at home has taken on a metalilc taste for me, perhaps because of my medication. So now it’s water at dinner as well as the rest of the day.

It’s better for me and I don’t get iced tea burnout. Those are Good Things.

2 Comments on “just water”

  1. Katrina Irani Donahue says:

    This makes me incredibly sad…but glad to know! Here’s to good health – and there is no drink more refreshing than water! God bless you.

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