LED lighting has come into its own

Like most of us I have been using CFL light bulbs as the incandescents have been phased out. They work well, but being fluorescent they are somewhat toxic as they contain trace amounts of mercury.

I have long had my eye on LED lighting, but that was traditionally on the expensive side. No longer.

A while back I needed to replace an indoor flood in the kitchen. What Lowe’s had was a box of reasonably priced LEDs, which I bought. The light was clear and bright. Very nice.

More recently I needed to replace two CFLs in my office that had burned out and I saw that I only had one in the cabinet. I make a point of buying the daylight part of the spectrum as that helps alleviate my winter blues when the days are short. I went to Amazon and found that the daylight LEDs were cheaper than the daylight CFLs. Now that is a major reversal. I bought a box and am pleased with the bright, clear light I get.

We can now move away from CFLs and migrate to LEDs. That is a Good Thing.

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