using rojo taco seasoning

Rojo SeasoningSome time back the folks at Penzeys Spices were promoting their Rojo Taco Seasoning. I ordered a jar and it sat on the shelf for a long time. I decided to use it recently and put half the bottle in my tostada beans in the pressure cooker. I totally, completely botched that meal. Seems the seasoning completely altered the composition of the beans and I failed to respond to the signals my nose was getting to turn the damned heat off under the cooker. Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake.

I used the remainder of the seasoning in a far more foolproof manner. I marinated cut-up flap meat for tacos. I let the meat marinate for a good seven plus hours and then cooked it in a cast iron skillet. Terry and I did our tortilla production line.

Really marvelous! The taste is hard to characterize, but I would call it a sort of chili and citrus combination. A different flavor than we’ve had on our tacos previously.

It worked out well.

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