a disappointing season

container gardenMy blog and Facebook friend who lives on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe (I am terribly envious) recently wrote about the success she and her husband had this year with their vegetable garden. I wish that I could say the same.

Terry puts a lot of work into our container garden. She plants things like tomatoes which she doesn’t even like because she knows that I enjoy them. She has planted bell peppers, Anaheim chilies,and other vegetables as well. The results this year were disappointing. We got a few small tomatoes early in the season, the occasional bell pepper, and some Anaheim chilies recently. There is, in fact, a nice tomato coming on right now, and some bell peppers on the way. And we do have an ongoing supply of green onions, which I enjoy. But that’s really been it.

I don’t know what the secret is but we certainly didn’t find it this year.

2 Comments on “a disappointing season”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    If I’m your friend on the north shore, tomatoes, basil, and mint are it. The squash didn’t work out – too many critters enjoyed it. Compared to us, you are doing great. Success on the north shore is not comparable to success in Hemet.

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