I have loved halibut since I was a youngster. There was a restaurant that we went to when I was growing up, and whenever we went there I ordered halibut.

halibutI have been fixing halibut at home all of my adult life. My method has changed little over the years. I baste it with a mixture of lemon juice, white wine or cooking sherry, and spices. If I am feeling lazy I will use Old Bay, which is quite good and the classic seafood seasoning. If I am not feeling lazy I will make my own seasoning mix. Most recently I used granulated onion, granulated garlic, medium hot chili powder, Italian herb mix, and freshly ground pepper. It worked out well.

By the way, I am very specific in the way I load my loaded baked potato. I start with light butter, add freshly ground pepper, then grated cheddar cheese, which I top with sour cream, on top of which I sprinkle Greek seasoning, and then fresh green onion from the container garden.

The two together make for a marvelous Saturday dinner.

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