New Year’s Eve

Have a safe, festive, and fun New Year’s Eve!

Here’s my recollection of my trip to the 1975 Rose Parade.

Sacred Music Friday: Joy to the World

It’s still Christmas until January 6!

light in winter

After we have dinner Terry and I put our feet up on the bed and read the newspaper before going on to other reading material. We have a ceiling fan light and two floor lamps. I had long felt that the light from the ceiling fan was insufficient and finally I asked Terry for her thoughts. She agreed.

ceiling fan lightThe ceiling fan light uses bulbs with the thin candelabra-style base. I headed over to Lowe’s to find something brighter. I found GE Reveal clear 60 watt bulbs. I bought those and installed them. That really has made a huge difference.

We’re really not supposed to use more than 40 watt bulbs in that fixture, but we only use the lights for a few hours each evening and we’re right there the entire time. If need be we can replace them with 60 watt-equivalent LEDs, which I might do anyway, just to be on the safe side.

In any case, we really love the increased level of lighting.

yes, I’m misbehaving

cookiesA while back I wrote a rather self-satisfied blog entry about how I no longer craved sweets. It was true at the time, but things change.

I have been dealing with a health issue and for several weeks I had to grapple with a medical insurance coverage issue, which, finally, seems to have been resolved. Never mind what’s happening in Washington. In the midst of all that I began buying chocolate chip cookie dough and baking cookies.

It’s not terribly healthy, but it’s comforting and helps relieve the stress.

You’re right, Linda Ellerbee, “And so it goes.”

Happy Christmas

Joy and Peace of the day to you all.

Christmas Eve

Peace and Blessings on this special evening.

Sacred Music Friday: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Clare College Choir, Cambridge