recipe fail

I write a lot about my successful recipes here, but not every attempt is a success.

shrimp on the grillI recently tried an orange-chipotle shrimp recipe which I had successfully made before. The first hurdle was the frozen shrimp that I bought. It was “deveined-tail-on easy to shell and ready to cook.” When I opened the package the shrimp was icy. Not just frozen, but icy. I attempted to remove the shells in the defrost process and in the cooking. But when the dish got to the table there were a couple of shrimp still not properly shelled.

Big fail from my perspective. I’m not Alice Waters or Julia Child, but I do take pride in my cooking. (Though, Julia, I recall, sometimes owned up to her failures.) Terry liked the meal but I was unhappy with the shelling fail.

You can’t win ’em all.

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