pollo asado

pollo asadoIn looking for a Mexican dish for a weeknight meal I found Ree Drummond’s pollo asado recipe in my database.

The recipe specifies a marinade of orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice and olive oil. It specified whole chicken legs, but I used boneless leg meat. The recipe said to grill the chicken, but I cooked it on the broil and then convection settings on my toaster oven. The recipe is supposed to be served with tortillas, but I simply served the chicken.

It was really very tasty. Terry liked it a good deal. But it was not terribly visually appealing, so I’m providing you with a stock photo instead.

adding a second Roku

Roku packageI wrote recently about how much we like our Roku device and how much use we get out of it. But it is attached to a single television – the one in the living room. When Terry is watching one of her shows I would head into the bedroom and watch a show on Netflix or Hulu using the Blu-ray player. But that device is awkward and clumsy to use and didn’t show my full watch list for those services.

A Roku Express is not that expensive, so I decided to get one for the bedroom. It meant disconnecting the Blu-ray, as our cheap bedroom flat screen only has two HDMI ports (the other one being connected to cable) but it’s a fair trade-off. When Terry is watching her DVR’d Supergirl or Black Lightning I have familiar and easy access to my Netflix programs in the bedroom.

That works.

Tuscan chicken skillet

I pay a lot of attention to one-skillet recipes. They make life easier. I was looking for a chicken one skillet dinner, as we had eaten a lot of beef in the preceding days. I found this Tuscan chicken skillet in my database, originally from the kitchn.

recipe cardsThe recipe called for cremini mushrooms, white beans, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and broth. I bought regular mushrooms as cremini are rather hard to find in these parts. I had the last portion of a bag of sun-dried tomatoes on hand.

The recipe specified bone-in chicken breasts. I used a boneless chicken breast, which I cut up into pieces, seasoned with Penzeys Arizona Dreaming seasoning, and cooked it in the skillet. This meant I could do everything on the stove top, and not roast bone-in chicken breasts in the oven for 30 minutes as the recipe indicated.

It was the kind of simple one-skillet recipe that I enjoy making.

Coming to My Senses

Coming to My SensesComing to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook
Alice Waters
Clarkson Potter (September 5, 2017), 310 pages
Kindle edition $12.99, Amazon paperback $11.59

I was intrigued when I first saw the review of this book and I added it to my stack of Kindle samples. I finally got around to reading it.

Waters spends a lot of time talking about her childhood and elementary and high school years, but the book starts to get interesting when she arrives at college. She and her best friend started out at UC Santa Barbara, but they found that school boring and transferred to Berkeley. She fit right in to the counterculture and was there as the free speech movement began.

She took an unauthorized, self-directed junior year abroad in France which had a profound influence on her thinking about food. Back in Berkley she slowly evolved the idea of opening a restaurant, even though she had no training in the culinary profession or in business. She recruited friends who shared her vision and who were skilled in their own fields, though not in the restaurant world. Somehow the passion and drive made it all work and Chez Panisse has been a renowned restaurant since 1971.

The writing is not always engaging, but if you enjoy things culinary you might appreciate this book.

Sacred Music Friday: Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates

I’m a sucker for any hymn that uses the hymn tune Truro as it brings back fond and happy memories of my days at the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City and the hymn “O Life That Maketh All Things New.” The lyrics to this one, though, are highly appropriate for Advent.

the value of our Roku

About a year ago I wrote that I had bought a Roku device so we could get the CBS All Access streaming service in order to watch Star Trek: Discovery. That series, the first season at least, was an absolute disaster, so bad that I cancelled CBS All Access before the end of the season. (We are hoping for a better season 2 and expect to re-up in January.)

Roku packageThe Roku has been great for other reasons, however. It gives us simple, easy access to Netflix and Hulu. We get access to streaming movies through Fandango, Vudu, and Redbox.

The Roku also provides access to the CBSN streaming news service. I have been watching more news since the democrats won the House of Representatives, and I watch CNN and MSNBC, both of which show a bias against that guy with the orange hair who lives in the White House. That is more than fine with me, but it’s nice to have CBSN for their more down the middle approach.

Then there’s NASA TV. With the excitement around the Mars InSight mission I thought perhaps Roku might offer NASA TV. In fact, they do. How very cool is that?

The Roku was an inexpensive purchase. We are getting more than our money’s worth.

coriander-crusted flank steak

coriander-crusted steakI don’t often include steak in my meal planning, but every once in a while I put it on the menu for a Saturday dinner. I pulled up this recipe for coriander-crusted flank steak with Cuban black beans.

The steak is rubbed with coriander, black pepper, and salt. I bought an eye of round steak for the recipe.

The Cuban black beans include bell pepper, cumin, tomato paste and chicken stock. We keep vegetable, not chicken stock in the pantry.

I left the cooking to Terry. She is the steak expert. This made for a delightful Saturday dinner.