Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson left us in mid-December. I would say that she was a jazz great, but the Associated Press obituary that appeared in the Los Angeles Times stated that she did not want to be considered a jazz singer. She thought of herself as a vocal stylist across genres.

Nancy WilsonI bought my first CD player around 1992 and one of the first CDs I purchased was one of Nancy Wilson’s.

Terry and I saw her live in performance twice. We saw her at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts where she was not at all happy. The tickets did not sell well and she was really annoyed with the acoustics. When she asked “What’s that noise?” and was told it was the air conditioner she let out a frustrated huff.

On the other hand, when we saw her at the Villa Montalvo outdoor venue with Ramsey Lewis she was in her element and gave a brilliant, electric performance. She was totally on her game. We were delighted and had a marvelous time.

We keep losing the great performers. We miss you, Nancy.

photo credit: John Matthew. Creative Commons License ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Cropped

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