our local strawberry stand

I complain that we don’t have an independent, locally-owned grocery store with a full-service meat department where we can chat with the owners, as we did in Gilroy with Rocca’s Market. I bemoan the fact that we don’t have an independent produce market, as we did with Kachy’s in Gilroy.

strawberriesWhat we do have is a small strawberry stand just outside of town. Their hours are irregular. You never know when they are going to open, close for lunch, or shut down for the day. But they have the sweetest, most moist, tasty strawberries that you will find anywhere. And it’s not possible to get strawberries any fresher. If they’re busy you may have to wait while the ladies pick more and bring them over to the stand in their golf cart. There is a strawberry stand closer in to town that is easier to get to, but their strawberries just don’t compare.

And our strawberry stand just introduced a new high-tech innovation. They had business cards printed up that include the owner’s cell phone number so you can call and see if they’re open before driving out there. How amazing is that?

They are only there for a couple of months each year, but when they are there we are delighted to have them.

2 Comments on “our local strawberry stand”

  1. Tahoe Mama says:

    I love it!! We stopped at a truck in Lone Pine yesterday and bought strawberries and oranges. Yum!!!

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