a useful little kitchen tool

Bread SlicerAfter we got our new stove with convection oven and I started baking bread again, my dad requested a raisin cinnamon loaf. I was happy to oblige and he was pleased with the result. He mentioned having a bread slicing tool that resulted in straight slices. When I saw his I decided that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but Terry and I agreed that having such a tool would be useful.

I went to Amazon (where else?) and began to search. Most of the products had middling reviews and many of the comments mentioned flimsiness. The one that had the highest rating, a rather different design from many of the others, is the one I selected. As it turned out, between a credit I had for a returned item and points from my Amazon VISA, it cost me nothing. Now that’s a good deal.Bread Slicer box

When it arrived I was anxious to try it out, but I had to wait a day until I could bake a new loaf of bread. When I first attempted a slice I was not pleased and considered returning it. But I gave it more time and tried to make it work. I realized that the first thing I had to do was to make a clean, straight initial slice when I first cut the loaf in two. Then, if I applied proper pressure with my left hand while cutting with my right and at the same time held my mouth just right I could get a nice, even slice.

It’s a bit more flimsy and a tad less solid than I would prefer, but the thing works and I’m keeping it.

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