that was the year that was

We did not do a holiday letter this year. It is the first time in recent memory that we haven’t done one. I was simply not up to it. Or, more accurately, I was not up to writing about things which I figured people would just as soon not read about.

calendar 2019I wrote in last year’s letter the harsh medication I was taking to shrink the GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor) on my duodenum didn’t shrink it and that I would require surgery. I didn’t think that people would be interested in my three-and-half day hospital stay for the surgery in February and the fact that I was in three different rooms during that time. I thought it would probably be TMI to write about my setback in March which put me back in the hospital for the better part of a week, and which could have been entirely avoided had I been given more complete directions about eating slowly and thoroughly chewing my food. I doubted that friends and family would care to know that I had had a tube through my nose to my stomach or that the surgical people on Day 4 finally spoke to the gastroenterological people who did an endoscopic procedure and removed two pieces of mushroom that were causing the blockage (in conjunction with the normal post-surgical swelling).

Those are the kind of things that one simply doesn’t want to put in a holiday letter, but those things informed the first third of my year.

On the other hand, people might get a chuckle to read that as Terry was finishing up her physical therapy from her knee replacement surgery (right in advance of my own surgery) she told her team that she needed to be able to pick up a thirty-five pound dog and put it on the bed, since I would be unable to do so. The physical therapy team adjusted Terry’s routine to accommodate that. And folks might like to know that our thirty-five pound dog, Tasha, now fifteen-and-a-half years old, continues to thrive.

Friends and family might like to know that Terry, who went on leave from Horizon Solar Power in advance of her knee surgery, went back to work after I recovered from my setback and continues to enjoy her work as a permit runner. They might care to know that at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church we finally, after nearly three years, called a rector who is turning out to be the exact right fit for the parish. And perhaps they might also be interested that I continue to manage the web site and the weekly e-news for the church.

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook probably saw this, but those who aren’t might like to know that after six months of not being allowed any red meat, my surgeon released me from that restriction in August. Terry immediately went out to In-n-Out and got me a Double Double. It was marvelous!  And I suppose people would be interested in knowing that a CT scan in September showed no sign of anything amiss in my digestive tract. Oh, and folks might be amused that Terry was jealous that my scar disappeared more quickly than hers, even though her surgery was four months before mine.

If you remember that I was an avid baker of bread after our kitchen remodel in Gilroy you might appreciate the fact that I am baking bread once again. Our oven died and the cost to fix it was nearly half the price of buying a new stove. We ordered a Samsung model with a grill burner and convection oven before my surgery. It did not show up until I was well on the road to recovery from my setback. A perfect time to relearn my bread baking skills.

So that is our year. We are enjoying our holiday season and are looking forward to getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, which we had to forego last year as Terry’s healing cyber-knee was not up to the task.

Very best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

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