cooking with plant-based meat substitutes

It’s been a while since I have written about plant-based meat substitutes, but Terry and I still use them regularly.

Cookout Classic packageThe one product we particularly like is the Beyond Meat Cookout Classic burger. I often fix them when I have just made a fresh loaf of bread. The Cookout Classics are frozen and come ten to a box, so it’s easy to pull them out of the freezer when we want that for dinner. Terry says she prefers them to beef burgers now. Unfortunately, that product seems to be currently unavailable. So the last time we had burgers I bought the standard two-pack Beyond Burger. The standard burger was good, but it is slightly larger than the Cookout version, and we both prefer the smaller size.

Beyond Meat Burger packageI also regularly use the Beyond Beef Ground product in chili. The dish comes out just as good as when using beef.

Given the fragile condition of our planet, and the huge carbon footprint that the consumption of beef creates I’m all for greater use of plant-based meat substitutes.

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