the haircut saga continues

I thought I had a new hair stylist after a series of unfortunate events, as I wrote about a while back, but the success was short-lived. Sandra had her own way of doing things. She never got my name and never took my phone number. She recorded the date and time of my next appoint along with the services I required (a haircut—pretty straightforward), but nothing more. At the time of my most recent appointment last week her shop was locked, closed, and dark. It was a cold, breezy, uncomfortable day, but I knocked on the door a few times before giving up.

new haircutI needed a haircut. I was past due. The stylist at Ulta that Terry used, Liz, had moved to Houston. I saw Liz a couple of times, but was not happy with the result, hence my visits to Sandra in her small shop. Terry started seeing a stylist named Toni at Ulta and really liked her, so I made an appointment with Toni.

I guess Toni doesn’t like doing men’s hair. She was pleasant and accommodating enough, but didn’t offer to schedule a follow-up appointment and didn’t give me any sort of discount off of the exorbitant $50 Ulta men’s haircut list price. (At least with Liz she plugged in discounts that reduced my bill to $35 before tip.) To make an annoying visit even more so, I had to wait forever for Toni to bring me the invoice to take to the cash register. Seems the Hemet Ulta store is having problems with its computer system. And then there was a line for the register that wrapped around to the side wall. (Add to that the chicken burrito which I ordered with my Chipotle app that had an unacceptable amount of gristle.)

So the quest continues. There’s a comparatively new stylist in the salon here at Four Seasons. I think I’ll give her a try next time. I would love for some stability and continuity on the haircut front.

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