things we miss

Terry bought a bottle of port early in the winter for us to enjoy on a cold, wet Saturday evening, but we didn’t have one of those until last Saturday. I had been tasked with getting chocolate at the grocery store on Thursday, but I failed at that task: it wasn’t on my shopping list. Terry said that she would head over to RiteAid to get our chocolate, but I suggested it would be just as easy for her to go to See’s Candy. She did and brought home a marvelous box.

Goose & TurretsSo on Saturday we had a marvelous port and See’s chocolate candy while we sat in front of our artificial electric fireplace. It made us think of all the evenings we spent in the Hummingbird Room at the late, lamented Goose & Turrets bed and breakfast in Montara, California, north of Half Moon Bay and south of Pacifica. We would sip our port and eat the chocolate truffles that the proprietor Emily made for us while sitting in front of the gas fireplace, listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean in the distance. We knew that we would have a superb breakfast in the morning that Emily and her husband Raymond would make for us and the other guests.

Those were wonderful days. We miss them.

One Comment on “things we miss”

  1. Emily Hoche-Mong says:

    We are pleased that you still miss the Goose & Turrets. We still miss you both. Sorry you have lost Tasha, you had her (or she you) for a long time. We are well here and weathered our 2-year confinement with good humor and lots of gardening. Need more rain – always in CA.

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