chicken Alfredo pizza

Our local WinCo supermarket used to have a pizza with white sauce and chicken in their pizza shop. I would bring it home in take-and-bake form and cook it in our oven. I really enjoyed it, so when Chicken Alfredo Pizza from my good friend Alyssa at The Recipe Critic popped up in my newsreader, I decided I needed to try it. (Alyssa is not actually my good friend, but I like her style of cooking.)

chicken Alfredo pizza sliceFor the crust I used my own tried-and-true recipe because it is always reliable. I did, however, follow Alyssa’s directions for the homemade Alfredo sauce. I rarely make my own Alfredo sauce, but I thought it worthwhile for this recipe. She did not offer directions on the chicken other than to say that it should be cooked and shredded. I went my own way: I cut up part of a chicken breast into bite-sized pieces and cooked it on the stove, seasoning it with Penzeys 33rd & Galena seasoning, my favorite seasoning for chicken. In place of the bacon I used the meatless Bac’n Pieces, a standard pantry item in our kitchen. I failed to buy mozzarella cheese (I’m always overlooking a recipe ingredient when creating my shopping list), so I used the Monterey Jack cheese I had in the refrigerator.

It turned out quite well. Using Monterey Jack instead of mozzarella was not noticeable. Terry really enjoyed it and I found it a nice change from my normal red sauce pizza.

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