Dodgers winter blues

Like most Los Angeles Dodgers fans, I was delighted with the team’s 111 regular season win record in 2022. And also, like most Dodger fans, I was disappointed, ticked off in fact, at their collapse in the division series. The team certainly didn’t seem engaged or have any sense of urgency in that series.

So after that loss we looked forward to the 2023 season and the moves that president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman and Dodger management would make during the off season.

Or not.

Yes, they did re-sign Clayton Kershaw. That was good. But they let Trea Turner get away. And they failed to exercise the club option on Justin Turner. They could have signed him to a contract at a lower salary, but they did not seem inclined to do so. Instead, they awarded a one-year contract to former Boston Red Sox designated hitter J. D. Martinez. Say what? And Justin Turner? He signed a two-year deal with Boston. The teams essentially swapped designated hitters. That makes no sense.

So where does that leave the Dodgers? Not exactly looking like they will cruise to a National League West championship in 2023.

We will be there. We will watch. But we will not be happy with management.

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