getting serious about exercise

I have been rather inconsistent about getting my exercise of late. Since my primary form of exercise is walking outdoors, that inconsistency is due to a combination of the weather (love the recent rains, though!) and my own laziness. But then I had a revelation shortly after the first of the year. It hit me that I am having a milestone birthday this year. One of those with a big zero in it. It reinforced for me that my doctor was right in emphasizing exercise when I saw him in November.

Map My Walk screen shotFortunately I have a new app to help me with that. I had long used a walking tracker on my iPhone that worked all right, but with which I was not terribly happy. I got tired of the prompt to upgrade to the paid version every single time I started the app. This was particularly annoying because the developer updated it only rarely. Then there was the fact that the corresponding web site was on United Kingdom time, which meant if I wanted to look at a walk I did today, but if it was after 4:00 p.m. I had to go back a day. The last straw was when I went to save a walk on my iPhone and it zeroed out the whole walk.

So I did some searching. I found an app called Map My Walk. It has a nice clean user interface on my iPhone and it plays nicely with my podcast and Audible audiobook apps, something the previous app did not do. The web site is also much cleaner and easier to use than the previous one.

I certainly feel better when I exercise, and keeping in mind that milestone birthday I am motivated to do so.

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