Sacred Music Friday: O come, O come, Emmanuel

Sunday is Advent 2

Sacred Music Friday: Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

From VOCES8. This translates as “Mary went through a thorn forest.” The description tells us: “This beautiful German carol is decorated with a literary motif; thorns blossom into roses as Mary carries the Christ Child under her heart.” Appropriate, as Advent begins Sunday.

Sacred Music Friday: Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

The Summer Choir and Congregation of First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska, Tom Trenney, organist.

Sacred Music Friday: Sing Out with Joy to God Our Strength

First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska

lost in the stars

I’ve noticed myself really missing Fr. Rob. I miss him a great deal more than I missed Pastor Kathleen. I was impressed with his leadership and I loved his high church respect for the liturgy.

Right now at Good Shepherd we are without a rector and we don’t even have an interim. There is nothing on the immediate horizon that suggests that the role will be filled soon. I rather feel that we’re lost in the stars. I know that is not true. I know God is with us. But sometimes it feels that way.

And besides, this gives me a great excuse for sharing this marvelous rendition of that song by Wesla Whitfield.

Sacred Music Friday: We Are an Offering

We Are An Offering, Sunday Worship on October 18, 2015, Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines. With some sacred dance! We are singing this instead of the Doxology at Good Shepherd during our stewardship campaign.

Sacred Music Friday: Beati Quorum Via

Here’s another marvelous piece by VOCES8: Beati Quorum Via by Charles Villiers Stanford.