Sacred Music Friday: Te Deum

John Rutter’s Te Deum performed by the Bow Valley Chorus.

Sacred Music Friday: A Hymn to the Virgin

A Hymn to the Virgin by Benjamin Britten performed by VOCES8 at the Gresham Centre in London. I was so impressed with this group last week that I had to share another of their videos.

Sacred Music Friday: Lux Aeterna

Lux Aeterna, Sir Edward Elgar, sung by VOCES8 at the Gresham Centre in London. This is a group I have never heard of before, and they are marvelous. Nor have I heard this piece set to words before. I believe the instrumental version of this is Elgar’s “Nimrod” from the Enigma Variations.

Sacred Music Friday: Christ is Alive

This is from my friends at First Plymouth Church in Lincoln Nebraska. The hymn tune is Truro, which was the tune we used for “O Life That Maketh All Things New” at First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City back in the early 1980s. It brings back good memories. Lyrics are below.

1. O Life that makest all things new,
The blooming earth, the thoughts of men,
Our pilgrim feet, wet with Thy dew,
In gladness hither turn again.

2. From hand to hand the greeting flows,
From eye to eye the signals run,
From heart to heart the bright hope glows,
The seekers of the Light are one.

3. One in the freedom of the truth,
One in the joys of paths untrod,
One in the soul’s perennial youth,
One in the larger thought of God.

4. The freer step, the fuller breath,
The wide horizon’s grander view,
The sense of life that knows no death,
The Life that maketh all things new!

— Samuel Longfellow

Sacred Music Friday: Glorious things of Thee Are Spoken

First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska

Sacred Music Friday: Lift Every Voice and Sing

Always worth revisiting. “Lift Every Voice and Sing” was our recessional hymn last Sunday at Good Shepherd, and this is a marvelous rendition.

Sacred Music Friday: O God of Every Nation

First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska