Farewell, Fr. Rob

Yesterday was Fr. Rob’s last Sunday at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. We will miss him. At least I will miss him. But I think it’s accurate to say that we collectively will miss him.

Fr. RobFr. Rob first joined us on All Saints’ Sunday 2016. He has provided us with some superb leadership. He certainly gave the profile committee on which I served some much-needed guidance. I believe he has done the same for the vestry and the search committee. He has taken a personal interest as I have been developing my web and writing business.

I haven’t agreed with him on everything. We disagree on the dating of certain books of the Bible as well as on Biblical exegesis. I don’t like his emphasis on evangelism. But I love his high church mentality and his respect for the liturgy. He brought vestments out of the sacristy that I believe had sat untouched for a number of years.

It would be good if he could stay a while longer since we have not yet found a new rector, but the mileage we have paid him to come down from Tulare means that his earnings are maxed out in the eyes of the Church Pension Fund. That, combined with the wording of his contract, means that an extension is not possible.

Fr. Rob is one of those people about whom I can honestly say:

quoteWho can say if I’ve been changed for the better,
but because I knew you,  I have been changed for good.

Sacred Music Friday: Alleluia

Alleluia by Dominic DiOrio. From the Oct. 1, 2017 concert “Unclouded Day”, the Sounding Light chamber choir at the First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska. Tom Trenney, conductor.

Sacred Music Friday: Simple Gifts

Sounding Light chamber choir at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska. Tom Trenney, conductor.

Sacred Music Friday: Agnus Dei

Samuel Barber, Agnus Dei, Vlaams Radio Koor, Marcus Creed, conductor

Sacred Music Friday: Adoramus Te, Christe

VOCES8 performs ‘Adoramus Te, Christe’ by Claudio Monteverdi at the Gresham Centre in London.

Sacred Music Friday: Kol Nidre

For my Jewish friends (and for the Jewish part of me).

“May your fast be full of all that you need it to be. May your fast be powerful and purposeful and meaningful.” —Rabbi Phyllis Sommer

Secular Music Friday: September Morn

In honor of the first day of autumn and in appreciation of the marvelous change in the weather in comparison to a couple of weeks ago.