Sacred Music Friday: O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright

This work is not in the Episcopal hymnal, but the old Lutheran Book of Worship places it in the Epiphany section. Happy Epiphany tomorrow, as we come to the end of the Christmas season!

Secular Music Friday: Auld Lang Syne

courtesy of Celtic Women’s Lisa Lambe

Happy Christmas!

Here is something different for your Christmas Day: Shepherd’s Pipe Carol by John Rutter

Sacred Music Friday: Prepare the Way O Zion

Form a lectionary standpoint this belongs on Advent 2, but it’s still Advent nonetheless.

Sacred Music Friday: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

From a VOCES8 recording session for their album, Equinox.

Sacred Music Friday: O come, O come, Emmanuel

Sunday is Advent 2

Sacred Music Friday: Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

From VOCES8. This translates as “Mary went through a thorn forest.” The description tells us: “This beautiful German carol is decorated with a literary motif; thorns blossom into roses as Mary carries the Christ Child under her heart.” Appropriate, as Advent begins Sunday.