another familiar voice

I wrote a while back about how we enjoy listening to Michael Burman playing jazz on KCSM-FM on Saturday evenings.

Classical 24 logoI need to give equal time to Sunday evenings. That’s when we listen to the NPR classical service. We love hearing Valerie Kahler who hosts the six to ten time slot, Pacific Time. She is actually in the Twin Cities, so her shift takes her up to midnight central time. But her voice is a soothing presence as we get ready to start the new week, and we very much miss her when she’s away.

thank you, Wesla

Terry and I have loved vocalist Wesla Whitfield and her accompanist husband Mike Greensill for many decades. Wesla is among the best at bringing to life the Great American Songbook.

We have seen them in many venues. The first time we saw them was in the Carriage House at Villa Montalvo, located outside Saratoga, California, in the mid-1990’s. The last time we saw them was at the Empire Plush Room in San Francisco. That was in December 2001, shortly before it closed.

Last week Mike Greensill sent out an email announcing Wesla’s retirement. He tells us:

quoteFor a long time she has had a bad infection that’s growing and won’t go away, and the drugs she has to take to treat that are playing havoc with her voice and throat. She’s just not happy with her ability to sing up to her standards, so she has decided, reluctantly, that it’s time to hang it all up, concentrate on getting better and not have to worry about the energy needed for performing. So she’s asked me to tell you that this is her formal retirement announcement.

I can only say thank you, Wesla, for all you have given us. We love you and we will miss you.

Fortunately we will still have her CDs and her YouTube videos. Here’s one of the latter for you.

Sacred Music Friday: Praise to the Lord

Praise to the Lord, Stralsund Gesangbuch, the St. Olaf Choir on their Asia tour, 13 June 2017

Sacred Music Friday: Underneath the Stars

Here’s another marvelous piece by my recent find, VOCES8. It’s Underneath the Stars by Kate Rusby, arranged by Jim Clements.

listening to vinyl again

TurntableThe stereo system we have originally came from Terry’s first marriage, very long ago.  But those components were swapped out and replaced until the only original part was the turntable.  Some time back Terry tried pulling out a vinyl record only to discover that it got eighty percent through the album and stuck. Every album. Exactly the same place. I tried blowing canned air into where the tone arm meets the base of the turntable. No difference. I tried replacing the cartridge. No change.

We cast about looking for someone to repair the turntable. We only came up against dead ends. Finally Terry said we should just get a new turntable.  I found many on Amazon. I selected the option with the USB connection in addition to the RCA analog cables. That way we can digitize those albums we want to.

It’s nice to have access to our vinyl again.

Sacred Music Friday: Te Deum

John Rutter’s Te Deum performed by the Bow Valley Chorus.

Sacred Music Friday: A Hymn to the Virgin

A Hymn to the Virgin by Benjamin Britten performed by VOCES8 at the Gresham Centre in London. I was so impressed with this group last week that I had to share another of their videos.