barbecue chicken foil packets

Barbecue Chicken Foil PacketsThis recipe for barbecue chicken foil packets comes from the blog Life Made Sweeter. Kelly, the bog owner, says she “shares healthier and authentic Asian recipes I grew up making.” All of her recipes I have made have been alive with flavor. This one was no exception.

For this recipe I used broccoli and bell pepper, as that’s want I had on hand. I used her instructions for the sauce, using a mesquite barbecue sauce. It was marvelous!

By the way, Penzeys new Brady Street cheese sprinkle is great on veggies.

Indian-style grilled chicken

This recipe in my database came from Relish magazine in May 2010. Relish is (was?) a magazine focused on recipes and food-related advertising that sometimes arrived with the Sunday paper.

Indian Style Grilled ChickenThe recipe calls for bone-in chicken thighs marinated in yogurt, heavy cream, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, cumin, coriander, chili powder, garam masala, cilantro, salt, and hot sauce.

I used a boneless breast instead of thighs, and I omitted the soy sauce, cilantro, salt, and heavy cream. I used Louisiana hot sauce. I grilled the breasts on the gas grill outside.

I was happy with the result and Terry enjoyed the dish.

pressure cooker Chinese lemon chicken

I was looking for a recipe for a hot Wednesday that would not heat up the house. That generally means grilling outside, crock pot, or pressure cooker. I went with the last of the three. A member of the Yahoo group Pressure Cooker Recipes posted this recipe which looked quite good.

As it turned out it was even hotter than I anticipated. That’s because our air conditioner decided to give out that day. So using the pressure cooker and not heating up the house was a good choice. I omitted the white sugar and did a natural pressure release. The chicken was quite delicious. As you can appreciate I skipped the rice which would have made it even better.

Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken

red scalloped potatoes

This recipe has been in my database for a while. It was in the Runner’s World January 2009 issue.

scalloped potatoesIt calls for 6 red potatoes, sliced, whole wheat flour, Gruyère and parmesan cheese, garlic salt, ground pepper, a shallot and fat-free milk. The instructions say to layer the ingredients, add the milk, then bake for 25 minutes at 400° covered and another 20 uncovered. I pretty much followed the recipe except that I omitted the shallot.

It turned out very well. It was a tasty side dish on a Saturday evening.

Sunny’s Easy Grilled London Broil

London BroilTerry and I saw this recipe on The Kitchen and she wanted to try it (omitting entirely the tomato and fennel salad). I bought a London Broil at the store and prepared the rub on a recent Saturday. I left it to Terry to do the grilling. It turned out very nicely. Yes, I went a little heavy on the salt. I knew that from the outset. Otherwise it was really quite good.

Loaded baked potato made for a very nice side.

slow cooker beef shawarma

This recipe for slow cooker beef shawarma came from the Fit Slow Cooker Queen. I deviated from the recipe quite a bit.

Beef ShawarmaI replaced the white vinegar with red wine vinegar and za’atar with berbere, which is what I had on hand. The recipe didn’t call for it, but I marinated the meat in the spice mixture for ninety minutes before putting it into the slow cooker.

I replaced the two pounds of sirloin with a half pound of flap meat. I omitted the onion.

Now Fit Slow Cooker Queen is big on Whole30/Paleo/low carb which isn’t exactly how Terry and I roll. So this is what I did. I put the beef in the bottom of my slow cooker, then I added a cup of brown rice and two cups of combined water and vegetable stock. I cooked for two hours on high and four hours on low. (Remember that I have one of those old crock pots, which are no longer manufactured, that cook at a lower temperature.)

I should have cut the rice and water in half, nonetheless this was a very tasty dinner. Marinating the beef brought out a lot of flavor and this is well worth trying again with less rice.

homemade pizza on the grill

Pizza on the Grill- 1We’ve been serious about grilling this summer. One of the dishes for grilling that I’ve seen but which I had been hesitant to try was pizza. That was until Terry brought home a package of copper grill mats. (More about those another time.) After using the grill mat with chicken and hamburgers I was ready to try pizza.

I had a couple of grilled pizza recipes in my database, but nothing that really inspired me. So I went off on my own.

We don’t have a Trader Joe’s near us, but there is one in the retail metropolis of Temecula thirty minutes to the south. Terry was headed there to visit Barnes & Noble so I asked her to stop at TJ’s for their fresh pizza dough. Locally I bought mushrooms, sausage from the service meat department, sliced provolone, and Cento pizza sauce. We had a can of olives in the pantry. There were two small ripe tomatoes in our container garden.Pizza on the Grill - 3

I put everything together and put it on the preheated grill. I gave it about twelve minutes.

The result surpassed my expectations. I really left it on too long as the bottom of the crust was charred, but that only minimally interfered with our enjoyment of the pizza.

The next time I’ll give it eight minutes or so and it will be ideal.

Pizza on the Grill - 2