tacos with chicken marinade

I had a boneless chicken breast in the freezer and four corn tortillas on the counter. (We generally make our own tortillas these days, but Terry uses store-bought when she makes enchiladas.) I decided to do something different.

chicken tacoI chopped up the chicken and marinated it using a marinade that originally came from Mom on Timeout. The marinade contained soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar. rosemary, spicy mustard, black pepper, and garlic powder. Not exactly Mexican.

Nonetheless, I baked the tortillas using my mold to make taco shells and cooked the chicken in a skillet. I took both to the table along with taco toppings: olives, chopped green chilies, onion, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheddar, and guacamole.

It turned out well. As I said, not exactly Mexican, but it was good. And the nice thing about the marinade is that it would be easy to adjust it to get the taste that you want.

Cajun chicken and rice skillet

Cajun chicken and rice skilletI was looking for a midweek dinner using the “one skillet” search in my recipe database. I found this Cajun chicken and rice skillet recipe from 12 Tomatoes.

I pretty much followed the recipe as written, t though I omitted the onions as Terry can’t do onions. I did cut the recipe in half.

It turned out well. It was very tasty and quite filling. I could have made it with half the rice. I almost forgot the tomato paste but that got thrown in too.

It’s one that we could do again.

flour tortillas

I continue to work on my tortilla making. I have not yet figured out how to make corn tortillas that do not spilt when we have fajitas. I have tried adding more water, adding olive oil, and even adding (horrors!) vegetable shortening. All to no avail. I refuse to add lard, by the way.

tortilla makerSo, I thought, maybe try flour tortillas. I found three flour tortilla recipes which I saved. I tried this one. I cut the recipe in half and used fresh milk rather than dried. I used my tortilla press rather than a rolling pin (of course). I pressed the press as hard as I could, but the tortillas still came out thick. They didn’t split, to be sure, but they were too thick for tortillas.

I told Terry that if we make falafels again we know how to make our own pita bread.

La lucha continua. (As it does in far more important aspects of today’s society that are much more critical than my own personal tortilla struggles.)

Cajun blue cheese burgers and corn

Memorial Day dinnerWe had a very enjoyable grilled dinner for Memorial Day.

I bought 93% ground beef at the grocery store and mixed in Penzeys Cajun seasoning. I shaped the patties to match the sourdough bread we had on hand. Terry grilled the burgers and we put blue cheese on top.

Terry also grilled an ear of corn that we split. I made an orange, tarragon, and basil butter seasoning mixture which we brushed on the corn.

Perfect for Memorial Day.

faux KFC

For some reason Yum! Brands shortened Kentucky Fried Chicken to simply KFC a few years back. In any case the food is quite unchanged and a lot of people, myself included, have a fondness for the standard Original Recipe. I found this list of seasonings to emulate KFC Original Recipe on the Yahoo Pressure Cooker Recipes group nearly two years ago. It’s by a guy named Edward Evans. I just recently got around to trying it.

2/3 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. thyme
1/2 tsp.basil 1/3 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. celery salt 1 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. dried mustard 4 tsp. paprika
2 tsp. garlic salt 1 tsp. ground ginger
3 tsp. white pepper

The recipe called for mixing the ingredients with flour and dredging the chicken in it, which makes perfect sense. Beyond that, the cooking instructions were rather odd, and omitted any mention of liquids, which are essential for pressure cooking. Here’s what I did:

faux KFCI browned a boneless chicken breast in my Cuisinart CPC 600 electric pressure cooker, being careful, as one must with a pressure cooker, to only use as much oil as the chicken would absorb. I removed the chicken from the cooker and inserted the trivet.

I returned the chicken to the pressure cooker and added water to just below the level of the trivet, a little less than two cups. I had heated the water in the microwave while I was browning the chicken so my Cuisinart came up to pressure very quickly. I cooked on high for ten minutes and allowed ten minutes for natural pressure release before manually releasing the remaining pressure.

I was quite pleased with the result. The chicken really did have a taste reminiscent of KFC.

spicy chicken with orange-chipotle sauce

spicy chickenI pulled this recipe for spicy chicken with orange-chipotle sauce out of my Living Cookbook database for a recent Saturday dinner. It originally appeared in Coastal Living. I followed the recipe pretty closely although I omitted the salt and chives as usual.

I generally don’t like to cook with sweet stuff, such as the orange marmalade that this recipe calls for, but this one worked out really well. It’s the orange marmalade, vinegar, and chipotle sauce that really makes this dish, and I’m glad that I served it on the side.

I made a rice mix for the starch and was quite happy with the combined result.


guacamoleI generally don’t buy avocados in the grocery store, as much as I love guacamole. The avocados often seem to be either under or over ripe. I can depend on the packaged Wholly Guacamole to be reliable.

Recently, however, my sister-in-law gave me three avocados. I used one of them to make guacamole when I fixed carne asada tacos (with our homemade tortillas, of course).

I didn’t follow a specific recipe. Rather, I took ideas from a couple of different recipes and included a few different ingredients. I put in a splash of red wine vinegar and some lemon juice. I seasoned it with granulated garlic and medium hot chili powder then added some diced tomato.

I was quite pleased. Maybe Wholly Guacamole has something to worry about.