Chicken Marsala

chicken marsalaI strayed a long way from this recipe, from which I started. I only used one kind of mushrooms (fresh white), not three. I seasoned the chicken with Harris Ranch Lemon Garlic seasoning. (Yes, sometimes I do use a spice other than Penzeys. Not often, though. In any case you can’t season the chicken with only salt and pepper. Good heavens!) I used light butter to sauté the mushrooms.

I did follow the recipe suggestion of serving the dish with mashed potatoes, a way in which Chicken Marsala is often served.

It made for a really nice Saturday dinner.

pepper-curry chicken sauté

pepper curry chicken sauteIt had been a while since I had made an Indian dish for dinner, so on a recent Saturday I pulled out this recipe for black pepper-curry chicken sauté. I didn’t follow the directions, but I did use the specified seasonings: ginger, garlic, pepper, and curry powder. I omitted the cloves. Rather than preparing the spices as per the recipe, I mixed them in a bowl and then tossed the chicken pieces in the bowl. For aesthetic reasons I used white pepper instead of freshly ground black pepper.

I cooked the chicken in a cast iron skilled and added the light coconut milk. I served the mixture on top of basmati rice.

It worked out well.

Cuban slow cooker pulled pork

Cuban pulled porkThis recipe from Valerie Bertinelli for Cuban slow cooker pulled pork is extremely simple. It calls for rubbing the pork with cumin, garlic, kosher salt, and black pepper. While I usually omit the salt, I like including kosher salt in a recipe like this. It also specifies orange juice and lime juice. I used both fresh oranges and fresh limes. While the recipe says to use pork shoulder, my go-to cut for pork slow cooker recipes is tenderloin. I cooked the pork in my slow cooker on high for six hours and shredded it.

The original recipe was about making sandwiches with the pork, but I skipped the whole sandwich part and served it as a main dish for dinner.

Very tasty.

Creole Chicken (non) Alfredo

The “Alfredo” part of the name for this recipe is highly misleading. That’s why I added the “non,” which is not part of the original recipe name.

Creole Chicken AlfredoThe seasoning mix definitely takes a Creole approach: oregano, thyme, smoked paprika, cayenne, black pepper, sugar, cumin, garlic, and salt. I omitted the salt and sugar. The recipe specifies cutting up a chicken breast into bite-sized pieces, tossing it in the seasoning mixture, and cooking the chicken in a skillet. You then add evaporated milk and tomato paste. Meanwhile you’re cooking the pasta of your choice. When the pasta is al dente, add it to the chicken mixture and serve. Top with parmesan.

I used my new favorite pasta, rotini. It nicely captures the sauce in its nooks and crannies. Rather than buying a whole can of condensed milk, not normally a pantry item in our kitchen, I think a small carton of cream or half-and-half would work well. And I think that next time I’ll grind the oregano and thyme into powder.

Overall, though, it was a very tasty dinner. It’s one we’ll do again I believe.

zucchini topped with spicy ground beef

zucchini with spicy ground beefThe original recipe was for zucchini boats, with the center of the zucchini scooped out to hold the ground beef. However, I couldn’t see the point in wasting a lot of good zucchini flesh, so I simply scooped out the seeds, which were small and did not go deep.

For the ground beef I used 93% and seasoned it with cumin and chili con carne seasoning. I added salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. I cooked the zucchini in the toaster oven on the convection setting. I should have grilled them. Maybe next time.

It was a good dinner and we got our veggies for the day.

smoked paprika chicken with polenta

I don’t generally put my own recipes in my Living Cookbook database, but occasionally I do. It seems I found this one worth saving.

smoked paprika chickenMake polenta using your favorite recipe. Cut a boneless chicken breast into bite-sized pieces, season it with smoked paprika and cook in a skillet. Heat up spaghetti or marinara sauce. Put the polenta on a plate, add the sauce, put the chicken on top, cover it with a slice of Provolone and microwave it for about a minute. Good stuff!

This time I made a couple of variations. I threw in pieces of artichoke heart along with the chicken and used pepper jack cheese instead of Provolone. Even better stuff, I do believe.

chili lime corn on the cob

chili lime cornTerry and I have started kicking our corn on the cob up a notch. I have collected a handful of recipes and I often pull one out when we have corn.

Recently we used a chili lime corn recipe. It was in Sunset but was by Guy Fieri, which is interesting as you usually don’t see recipes by Food Network personalities in Time, Inc. magazines.

In any case it included lime zest, chili powder, granulated garlic, and black pepper. Since I had the lime for lime zest I threw in some lime juice as well. It was excellent.

And the burger. Everyone says to use 80/20 for burgers, but Terry and I like 93/7. It gives us a nice lean burger with minimal fat.