I tried, but I’m not getting help

I wrote recently about my ambivalence about Amazon given their business tactics with respect to vendors who are not agreeing to terms that Amazon wants. I downloaded the Barnes and Noble Nook app for my iPad and eventually bought a book in Nook format. It wasn’t a big deal, the book cost all of ninety-nine cents, but it gave me a chance to try out the Nook.

At first everything was fine. The Nook remembered where I was in the book from one day to the next. Then one day while reading the book, boom!, I apparently tapped somewhere I shouldn’t have tapped and I was out of the book. And the Nook app didn’t remember where I was. No function like the Kindle’s sync to last page read. Nothing to get me back to where I was.


I would like to send some of my business your way, Barnes & Noble, but you have to provide me with a better experience.


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