missing friends, redux

Back in November 2009, when I was blogging over at TypePad, I wrote about my friend Lynn who had gone missing. Of the blog title, “Missing Friends,” I wrote:

You can read the title either as “friends I miss,” or “friends who are missing.”

I went on to say:

In his science fiction novel Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card’s protagonist, Andrew, is on a planet where he is trying to resolve a problem. As one of the elite, one of the leaders, he has an implant that allows him access to a being, part living, part machine who has access to a sort of universal database. Jane, I believe her name was. She acted as a sort of hyper-secretary. Problem was, the average citizen on the planet didn’t trust those with the implant. Andrew, in order to gain their trust, switched off the connection. He gained the trust of the people he was talking to, but lost Jane. When he finally re-connected, she came back, but the relationship wasn’t the same. She had been off in other realms discovering other things, and was never again his dedicated secretary.

I wrote about how Lynn, who had loaned me that book, had disappeared in a similar manner.

After that entry Lynn and I did reconnect and we had coffee together several times. But now she seems to be gone again. I haven heard from her in months. When we sent out our mailing asking for support for Terry’s 3-Day walk, Lynn was on the list, but I heard nothing — not even a word of encouragement for Terry. When we sent out our Christmas card and letter earlier this month I jotted, “What have you been up to? I miss you.” Nothing.

As I wrote then, she is looking at other things, taking other paths, going other directions.

I trust she’s doing well.