maintaining awareness

Since in the Episcopal tradition in particular and in the liturgical tradition in general, Christmas is celebrated as twelve days, I’ll share with you on the second day of Christmas what Parker J. Palmer posted to Facebook on the first. Words to take seriously.

The early Quakers refused to set aside Dec. 25 as a special day. Doing so, they feared, would allow them to forget that every day is holy, that “peace and justice for all” is a message for every moment, not just one day a year. They had a point. Today, for example, the good will that abounds among us may mean a nutritious meal for some of the 16 million American children (1 in 5) who live at risk of hunger. Tomorrow, not so much. So, a note to self: celebrate with a full heart today, understand what you’re celebrating, and remember to keep your heart open 365 days a year. Holiday blessings to all!