remembering Bob Parlocha

BobParlochaJazz DJ Bob Parlocha died Sunday from a heart attack at age 75. Fans of jazz on the radio everywhere are grieving.

I first got to know Bob when I moved to the Bay Area in 1985. KJAZ was one of the first stations that I became acquainted with, and I immediately fell in love with Bob’s Dinner Jazz each evening Monday through Friday.

KJAZ went off the air in 1994 because the station’s financial situation was no longer viable. Shortly thereafter Bob became the first and only announcer on the Satellite Jazz Network out of WFMT in Chicago. The service provided pre-recorded jazz programming to public radio stations around the country. Many small public radio stations would use the service for their overnight programming. Bob did the show from a studio in his home in Alameda. He was a gourmet cook and his home had a professional-class kitchen as well. Thanks to radio stations offering streaming Internet feeds I was able to continue to listen to him. It wasn’t the same as his live, spontaneous program on KJAZ, but it was Bob Parlocha.

Bob made his email address available on air and on his Web site. I emailed him a few times and he was always most gracious in his response.

Yesterday evening Jayne Sanchez did a marvelous, heartfelt tribute to Bob during the evening Jazz Oasis program on KCSM.

Rest in peace and rise in glory, Bob. You gave us more pleasure than we could ever reasonably hope to expect.